The Ponytail is back to business and bloggers continue with their mindless musings. The Bloggers vs. IIPM scuffle gave IIPM the publicity which it did not welcome and bloggers some recognition which they hadn’t really expected.

The mainstream media though a bit reluctantly took the concept of blogging to the average Joe. Bloggers need the mainstream media – it is their favorite punching bag and mainstream media needs blogs – it is THE source for news as it happens.

During my recent vacation, I attempted to enlighten my blogging skills a bit and therefore browsed through the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents on the seemingly unending journeys on the evidently neglected trains of the Northeast Frontier Railway. The B word on the cover incited many a curious passenger. They had read about/seen/heard the recent developments but couldn’t exactly comprehend what this blog thing was all about? I on my part disseminated some gyan to the best of my ability. Some even promised to initiate their own.

I think Mr. Chaudhuri deserves another round of expression of gratitude. Thank you, yet again – Mr. Chaudhuri.

Even the Press Information Bureau is contemplating giving bloggers accreditation.

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