If Rhinos Could Fly

A couple of bookworms down south should be held responsible for this post. Their fancy for bound volumes of the…


Blogging a 'Bloggerminator'

Outlook’s ‘inhouse sceptic’ TR Vivek fancies himself as a bloggerminator. Last time his pen spewed this venom: The Indian blogging…


Buttons on the Left

Remember those horror stories which granny used to tell you. The ones where the soul of one enters another and does all mischievous things. Many kilometres of celluloid also told…Continue Reading →

Of Boys and Buxom Babes

Of late I have been observing a debate on the blog arena regarding the enabling/disabling of comments on one’s blog.…


The Outlook of India Today

Selling a magazine to me is easy. Any of the following prefixes: Collector’s, Special or Anniversary, assures atleast one eager…