Of late I have been observing a debate on the blog arena regarding the enabling/disabling of comments on one’s blog. Some even find the comment moderation thing a little out of tune with the melody of the World Wide Web. They have their reasons and I mine.

What makes a weblog different from your dear diary is that it is your ‘personal’ space but in public view. You’ve put up a blog because you want people to read and reread it. If not, your hard disk should suffice. And when people will read it, they will form some impressions and also have questions. The comments give us the opportunity to evaluate our impressionability and ponder over the points raised.

I look at it that way. Appreciation lifts up the sagging spirits and the occasional disparagement lets me know if I’m going wrong somewhere. Both help in making the entire experience more enriching.

An unknown girl had an observation on the last post. What’s this thing about boys and buxom babes? She asked.

We always take it for granted that men will be attracted to women, well-endowed ones – more so (ignoring alternative sexualities of course). I’d like to put the entire blame on the hormone called testosterone and conclude with the adage ‘Men will be men.’ The great father of psychoanalysis, the reverend Sigmund Freud had some observations on this, but always not entirely agreeable.

The practice of men ‘sizing up’ women superficially, does not seem to please all. In this split-second world, there’s little scope to venture any deeper (no pun here, you dirty minds). Porn is a big industry and city supplements of leading dailies are splashed with glossy pictures of alluring women in various stages of undress. Lets face the fact – Sex Sells and sells big. But it cannot substitute substance. Else the sleaze-shows would have a field day and a Microsoft like monopoly.

Sigmund FreudBut this is not an exclusive masculine phenomenon; women do it big time and easily outdo men. Hence the problem (if you’d like to term it that) lies not with the males alone, but the entire human species. In fact even the birds and the bees behave in a similar fashion. Then nature is to be blamed. But Mother Nature – the all giving and all loving – couldn’t have possibly got it that wrong. Nature follows no man-made morals, and it’s natural for boys to peer at buxom babes and the babes to focus their optics on the handsome hunks. Clothes are also manmade and hence hamper the natural scheme of things, the relative absence of them make things a little better. But their presence raises curiosity and man is a curious mammal. Hence, whenever and wherever the hidden wonders of the world are revealed, there is always a crowd of curious onlookers.

I’m after all a humble human being, can’t possibly go against the inviolable laws of nature. I toe the line; I follow my instincts.

The comment behind this post:

>>No diary and no buxom babe

chi. what is it with guys and them reading/checking out women and stuff.

i mean, its almost like its a sign of their masculinity when you hear/read of how men found a certain pic “fit” or whatnot.

The Sun – has anyone heard of it? Its a uk based newspaper which has a topless page 3 model. i believe its the best selling paper there is.

i mean….like how/why?!?! does it show how little theyre getting it in person or whatever? what do you get out of looking at anothers private parts. can anyone explain this to me? (i understand its open ended, and if there are replies deemed too rude for my liking, i guess i shall ignore and not return!)

sorry about..erm..that soumadip. if its offensive, please delete, otherwise im genuinely curious with no disrespect intended to anyone.

P.S. Deleting comments is not my forte. It’s only spam and the decidedly delirious ones that come close to my axe.

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