Where Have All the Young Girls Gone?
Yesterday was Christmas – a festival to mark the arrival of the son of god on earth; today is December 26: the first anniversary of the arrival of the big wave from the deep blue sea – the one which washed away millions of dreams. Yesterday, I saw a movie. A movie which spoke about 35 million pairs of innocent eyes which didn’t ever get the opportunity to dream. 35 million cries of the girl child – muffled. Inside and outside the womb.

Manish Jha portrays a nation without women – a Matrubhoomi (motherland). It seems to be a story well told. But what’s more disturbing than the incidents in the film, is that this is no story. Such ‘motherlands’ exist for real. Not only in remote villages, but more so in the urban jungles where modern technology meant to save lives is collaborating in the selective massacre of the female foetus.

The rawness and the violence in the movie made me think, but what touched my heart (and also moistened my eyes) was the cry of the baby girl – one of the most beautiful of sounds.

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