A café whose customers sit at computer terminals and log on to the internet while they eat and drink is called a cybercafé – though it was only once when I did sip some coffee at one of these places. That if you exclude the initial days at my previous workplace which we referred to as a cybercafé where you’re paid to surf (and the coffee was free).

These places have definitely come a long way from those snaily slow single dialup connection split amongst five (if not more) PCs and that too @ Rs. 120/hour. But something there doesn’t seem ephemeral – the mice with their tails stuck in a box. In no cybercafé that I remember visiting had a small luxury in the form of a wheel between the left and the right buttons of the mouse that perhaps makes web navigation a trifle easier.

It’s not that a scroll mouse costs a fortune more, but the simple economics that without the wheel the customer will remain stuck to his/her seat for a little longer. The time spent being directly proportional to the money earned. But with surfing rates existing at an awesomely affordable rate of Rs. 8/hour, how much extra dough with the café operator knead?

Someone said, “Boond boond se bharta sagar (’tis little droplets that maketh the ocean).”

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  • asabnis

    Shutter-happy Soum >> Adobe-happy Soum?

  • dwaipayan

    finally u updated it. and ye, i remember, when i started surfing it was 35 rsper hour. but now it’s 10rs per hour only

  • Shubhajit

    But where I compose my musings it is a cool 25rs/p/h! Too much but the mouse does have a wheel, moreover it’s an optical scroll and most importantly it is near to my house.

  • Venkat Ramanan

    Man!!!I would call your blog “Great thoughts about small things”. Amazing writing of very finer aspects in life :). I wish you write more such articles (Hope you have some time for that!!)And, yes, mice are what I hate to go to cybercafes. But, they cannot afford to invest in optical mice as you yourself have pointed out about the margins they operate on 🙂Good thoughts!!Cheers,Venkat

  • Łóòň Ġãĺ

    8/hr ?? Do u have those rates anywhere???Btw … how come u look like da singer Vikas Bhalla?

  • dwaipayan

    u look like valla!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha!!!!!!

  • San

    cybercafe’s are far too expensive here in the UK, not worth the hassle half the time with the waiting times and the security hassles. Oh and I agree with termites you do look like mr Vikas Bhalla – but thats a good thing as he is rather cute too 😉

  • Soumyadip

    <>Atul<> When the shutter happiness doesn’t bring forth the desired results, you gotta be Adobe happy<>Dwaipayan<> The rates are crashing and did you notice how cheap broadband is fast becoming?<>Shubhajit<> The coincidence of coincidences is that the cybercafe from where I usually blog (no connection at home and too busy at the office) has got new mice which a wheel on their backs. Maybe the owner visits this blog?<>Venkat<> COMING SOON! <>Greater thoughts about smaller thoughts<><>Termite<> Rs. 8/hour, I used to surf at those rates during my university days in Bhopal. Though the speed matched the price. And did you say < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Vikas Bhalla<>? Yes, HE looks like ME. (Lucky him) <>Dwaipayan<> Ha! Ha! here too. Seems that the Termite didn’t see the ‘real’ me? <>Sangeeta<> Long time, no write? Good to see you back. Pity that ABP Group’s <>Sunday<> closed down. They had a look alike contest (Separated at Birth) and the termite would’ve got some cash too (With my cut paid, ofcourse)

  • Bionic 1

    I AM a Democrat, but I vote Republican.;)Take CareBB

  • Rita

    Hey, tell me about a scroll mouse. I never noticed whether cafes have them or not, but I know that they make surfing infinitely easier!! 😀

  • AquaM

    Economics rules Soumyadip….your entire lifespan is governed between the theory of demand and supply!

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    The wheel mouse is a godsend. I know what you mean. The comp at ofice has the uber friendly wheel mouse but my comp at home doesn’t and it’s a strain to manually scroll up and down. But of late in cyber cafe’s, I have seen wheel mouse and a PLASMA SCREEN monitor! How cool is that? Makes all the comps that I work on feel dated!