As I was getting my Chicken McGrill – the only worthwhile stuff that I consume at McDee’s – a lady approached me and enquired whether I was having chicken. I replied in the affirmative. “Is it safe?” came the anxious question. “Oops, I forgot. The birds with running noses are out to destroy the human species,” I didn’t tell her that, though it was what I thought. “I believe that it has been properly cooked at a high temperature and the virus, if it existed wouldn’t have survived,” all the gyan that the media was doling out was put to use.

“You guys have whatever you like, I’ll be having my chicken, chicken, chicken!” she yelled at her companions. Well that makes one women who I could convince.

It takes only one running nose (or beak, or whatever) to prematurely put millions of chicken necks to the blade. And it also took only one individual for the simian immunodeficiency virus to mutate into its dreaded HIV avatar. I’m not interested in whatever he/she did with a primate to necessitate this transmission.

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