Lord Krishna didn’t need Axe for his effect. But wannabe Gopals need the aid of external agents in their endeavours. From deo to dating via SMS. Here are some ads on the occassion of Janmashtami.

An Axe deodorant ad wishing Happy Janmashtami. An Axy take on the Dahi-Handi ceremony.

Here are a couple of wannabe Kishan ads of Indiatimes 8888’s (now 58888) Dating-Sutra which invited the ire of some Hindu organisations. Topless gopis accompanying a Moto Razr wielding Emran Hashmi lookalike does have a high potential of offending sentiments.

Krishna (avatar of Vishnu) is perhaps the most loveable in the pantheon of Hindu gods. And this allows a lot of liberties to be taken in the Lord’s name. Though the Lord wouldn’t have minded most of them, some of his followers do.

Dating-Sutra, SMS DAT to 8888. You’ll never be without a date.

Agency: Capital

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