My Nascent Attempt at Digital Photography
Whenever my blank-balance starts to get a little cozy, my palms start itching. My last itch-session led me to get myself a digital camera. Hereupon there’ll be more of ‘original’ pictorial accompaniments to my posts and I’ll probably take a sojourn from Google image search.

To the left/above is my nascent attempt at digital photography. No Photoshop involved.

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  • Admin

    My pics either shakes or are too large. Time to install a good pic editor I believe…

  • sub’c

    Well taken night shot. conveys the feel of the place real well. Just correct the white balance when shooting in tungsten light, or else the photos will have this yellowish tinge.

  • asabnis

    Cool stuff – which camera?

  • asabnis
  • sinusoidally

    Awesome picture! Where is it?

  • Soumyadip

    <>anthony<>, picture editors are a boon for sloppy photographers like me.<>sub’c<>, thanks for the tip.<>atul<>, it’s the most basic of Sony’s Cyber-shots – the DSC-S40. And I’ll pass on your tag.<>Sinusoidally<>, it’s a small vegetable market in the eastern suburbs of Delhi.

  • Mrudula

    Good picture. Perhaps I should also invest in a digital camera…

  • Abaniko

    they say there are two basic things a blogger needs: a computer with an internet access and a digital camera. happy shooting (and posting).

  • GIP

    nice snap. reminds me of the scenes i saw in Delhi when I was there a few years ago.