In Focus

Was a little preoccupied all these days and couldn’t visit blogadesh. As things settle down on the professional front, issues…


Shifting Gears

I lasted in my first job for two years two-and-a-half months. This time I’m changing my official address in exactly…


Only Vivian

A 1986 Only Vimal ad featuring the cricketer for whom the word swashbuckling was perhaps coined – Viv Richards, or more appropriately Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, one of the…Continue Reading →

Rubbers of India – II

Boing Boing termed my earlier post on Indian condoms ‘bottomless.’ Now researchers have ‘discovered’ that condoms “made according to international…


Whacky Shift

Why does it have to be this way, always? And illogically enough it works. Since last afternoon my keyboard was acting funny. The problem was with a combination of the…Continue Reading →

Ting Ting Ti-Ting

Acoustic branding at its best. Wherever we hear that distinctive “Ting ting ti-ting,” we invariably think Britannia. Louis Banks, the man who created it, says, “Well, I always say that…Continue Reading →