Boing Boing termed my earlier post on Indian condoms ‘bottomless.’ Now researchers have ‘discovered’ that condoms “made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian men.” Damn! I wrote such a long post and still my brethren fell short.

Almost every newspaper and website has this story. But didn’t we know this for long. At least women abroad know better. A few had posed me the question during online chats (no, I wasn’t on any of ‘those’ chat rooms).

Clothing brands had realised this much earlier, only that they are implementing it now. But then it was for the visible portions. For something like a condom, it is just a little difficult. And with samples, however large they are there’s always a chance of having it skewed. The suggestion of having different sizes is welcome (in addition to flavours, colours, texture there’ll also be a choice between S, M, L, XL and XXL). But like women, many of whom are not aware of their perfect cup sizes (the calculation, like most things female, is a little confusing), it will take some instructions for men to know which category they ‘fit in.’ Different experts
still have varied opinions on how to go about the measuring exercise.

There’s also an online Definitive Penis Size Survey (contains images which might not be safe for work) In case you are interested in an unscientific measurement exercise, which will not require you to drop your pants, try this out (safe for work, requires Flash).

Anyway does size matter (Cliched question, I know that. But the answers are always interesting)?

[Initially thought of not posting about this story, then Shivam sent me a link. Then thought that it might just be my forte and moreover many people were already visiting this blog looking for that story. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. The last post had got too long, will post updates on this page, until this too gets bottomless]

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