No Spam
This morning when I checked my blog, I was elated to discover a deluge of comments. At last, I thought someone was reading what I write and writing back to show what they thought of my ideas or me. But the ecstasy was only momentary. One sentence down the comments and the identity of the anonymous benefactors was revealed. SPAMMERS!

Unwillingly I have no option but to give the fingers of potential commentators on my blog a little more trouble. You have to take additional trouble (as if reading my posts was not trouble enough), identify the letters (often twisted beyond recognition) and type them in for word verification. Hope this helps.

An interesting fact about spam which I just discovered (thanks to Wikipedia) is that spam is a backronym, a phenomenon which initially exists as a short word and is later expanded into a phrase. Hence SPAM = Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages or Several Posts A Minute.

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