Karl in the Kurta

Working for six days a week stresses one out. Therefore in order to liven the weekend a bit, I prefer wearing something different. The dirty jeans stay intact, only the…Continue Reading →

India According to Uncle Sam

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs periodically releases Consular Information Sheets advising its citizens about the not-to-dos…


Tripura Pretermitted

Militancy in Indian ‘mainstream’ journalism has become synonymous with Kashmir. Time and space permitting, the Naxals manage to squeeze their…


A Decade of Mobility

The Chief Minister of a communist ruled state calls up the Union Communications Minister and ignites a revolution. Not a Naxalbari redux, but mobiles phones have broken through the barriers…Continue Reading →

Nocturnal Nostalgia

The silence of the city at midnight is almost eerie. All that my auditory sense perceives is the hum of…