33% – is the space occupied in the main section of the Times of India and Hindustan Times (the two largest circulated English language dailies in India) by government sponsored advertisements on the occasion of the 61st birth anniversary of the 6th Prime Minister of India – Rajiv Gandhi.

Is the taxpayer’s hard earned money being misused to please the most powerful resident (I use this term as not to offend my right wing friends) of the country? Letting her know that the nation (read Congress ministers) hasn’t forgotten her late husband. But those full-page colour ads have cost us (slaving Indian citizens) millions and people are still starving in Orissa.

The media of course will remain mum; they are busy counting the greens. Moreover they are more concerned with Aamir Khan’s alleged love child.

Let’s see if on 2nd of October the Father of the Nation receives such lavish tributes from a grateful nation.

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