A telecaller from a bank that never sleeps woke me up from my midday slumber. A oh-so-sweet voice asks me whether I would like a free credit card. Free credit, who doesn’t want that. But all the credit that I needed after a graveyard shift was of forty winks. In the most pleasant tone that I could manage half-asleep, I thanked her for her efforts to deprive me of my debt-free status and switched the mobile off. My much-needed seven hours of sleep had been cut short by an hour. I pondered over the pros and the cons of a credit card and the adage Jitni chadar ho, pair utna hi phailao (Stretch your legs only as far as the sheets go) put a stop to all of my spending dreams. I had heard enough of credit card woes from my colleagues and cousins and I didn’t want to add another unwarranted enigma to my already ‘complicated as a woman’s mind’ life. I am content with my debit cards and they also keep a check on my shopaholic gene (I inherited it from my mom).

Already a debt of $100 is pending against my Indian citizenship as percapita external debt. I think the credit card companies have to wait till that is cleared before commencing to drill a hole into my wallet.

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