Better Photography - December 2006“I’m going to tell you a secret: Glamour photography is hypocrisy. It’s a subtle, sophisticated, suave, creative, legal, socially, and publicly approved version of porn. It’s for the debonair and the creative solutions to make stimulation legal have generated an array of interesting styles.”

We all know it. Just that we didn’t like to accept it publicly. Tarun Khiwal does it for us in the December issue of Better Photography.

My brother, an avid photographer, brought home those photography magazines. Not much into the nuances of the hobby/profession (the interest developed much later), I simply used to flip through the pages eyeing the luscious models. My favourite was (is) the glamour specials. The December issue of Better Photography usually has an extra dose of glamour (read scantily clad or unclad women. It’s always women). Therefore I never find them at the old and second-hand magazine sellers. This year’s is less explicit, but for a wannabe photographer like me, the other stuff in there is more than the Rs 60 worth.

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