Funniest political party names in IndiaI would have named the party I founded as the ‘Tea Party’ only that the prerequisites of a constitution, 100 members, Rs 10,000 and 100 affidavits on Rs 2 stamp papers are a bit too overwhelming for a chaiwallah like me.

If you think Tea Party is a funny name for a political party, check the little list below for the funniest of them all. I read through all the names of 6 national parties, 53 state parties and 1308 registered unrecognised political parties in India (a total of 1367 registered political parties in India) to come up with this list of 10 with the most amusing (if not hilarious) names for a political party.

10. Jagte Raho Party
Headquarters: C/o Ms. Kshama R Desai, 2, Vatika Bunglows, Near Sabari School, Vasna Road, Baroda, Gujarat

Translates to ‘Stay Awake Party.’ Jagte raho is also the watchmen’s night cry to assure one another that they are on the job. Also I am quite amused to know of a road called Vasna Road in India. It may mean and pronounce something different but to dirty old men like me vasna is always equal to lust.

9. Indian Oceanic Party
Headquarters: K-316, MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi 110030

I know that India is a peninsula and there is also an ocean named after the country but cannot fathom the reason behind naming a party ‘Oceanic’. Also the party headquarters is no where near a waterbody, leave alone the ocean.

8. Pyramid Party of India
Headquarters: 2-1-83, Kola Street, Tirupati 517501, Andhra Pradesh

The Tirupati Temple may look a little like the Pyramids of Giza, but that shouldn’t be inspiration enough to go through the troubles only to register a party by the name Payamid Party of India.

7. Life Peaceful Party
Headquarters: Sarvadharma Bhawan, Hindu-Muslim Viswa, Shanthi Ashrama and Komusowharda, Vishwashanthi, Sarvadharma Ashrma Trust, Rajanagara, Poona-Bangalore Road, Tumkur 572106, Karnataka

We all seek a peaceful life but political parties rarely succeed in acheiving that for us. Honest intentions maybe, but brings a smile to my lips.

6. Holy Blessing People’s Party
Headquarters: Shop No. 3, Laxmi Niwas Building, MN Road, Kurla (W), Mumbai 400070, Maharastra

When the holy blessing is there with them, the Holy Blessing People’s Party shouldn’t even bother with trivial stuff such as elections.

5. Labour and Job Seeker’s Party Of India
Headquarters: 66, Royapettah High Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600004, Tamil Nadu

Looking for a job? This is the party you should join.

4. Akhil Bharatiya Bharat Mata – Putra Paksha
Headquarters: Nandurbar 425412, District Dhulia, Maharashtra

I have heard of Pitru Paksha (the fortnight of the ancestors) but am not sure about Putra Paksha. Putra refers to son, so I hope that this isn’t a party that doesn’t believe in celebrating the girl child. Maybe not, as the first part of their name translates to ‘All India Mother India’. Also not sure whether it is just a mother-son party (like some that we know) or something else, but amusing nevertheless.

3. Bharatiya Muhabbat Party (All India)
Headquarters: H No 18184, Chandsar Basti, Bhatinda 151001, Punjab

I am in love with the name of this Indian Love Party, more so by the part in parenthesis – All India (Double emphasis indeed) but am not sure about the Shiv Sainiks and Bajrangis.

2. Ministerial System Abolition Party
Headquarters: Ministerial System Abolition Party 25, Burtolla Street, Kolkata

I am all for what the name suggests. Abolish the ministers (they only watch porn anyway, not that watching porn is evil), bring in the secretary system that the United States has. Let the (unelected) experts handle the job and the MPs and MLAs will be able to focus more on law making. Till that happens, read the name again and chuckle.

1. The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India
Headquarters: Kabitirtha, Kabitanagar, P O Bongaon, District 24-Parganas (North) 743235, West Bengal

Can you beat this name? The second on the list doesn’t even come close to The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India. This is how parties should be named. The name has everything in it – man, religion, political, party, India and most importantly (and inexplicably) revolving.

Got a funnier Indian political party name? Drop them in the comments or as a tweet to @soumyadip.

And in case I am ejected from the Tea Party (as it sometimes happens with party founders), I will establish another – the Rave Party (All India).