Having stayed in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, for over two years (been visiting right form my childhood) and travelling quite extensively all over the state, I find this wonderful advertisement for tourism in MP all the more appealing.

So far have been to Jabalpur, Bilaspur (then MP), Bhopal, Indore, Ratlam, Sehore, Bhimbetka, Maihar, Bhojpur, Pachmarhi, Sanchi and of course, Khajuraho (twice over). Enjoy the multi-splendours of Madhya Pradesh in this bioscope of an ad.

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A transcript follows:

Til dekho, tar dekho
Aankhen phaad phaad dekho
Sher ki dahar dekho
Marble ka pahar dekho

Chandeli ki saree dekho
Bhandhavgarh ki jhaadi dekho
Ujjain ke sant dekho
Baudhik mahant dekho

Buddha ke nishaan dekho
Geeta aur qur’an dekho
Indore ki shaan dekho
Kaise banta paan dekho
Ta thaiya taa…

Khajuraho shilpkari dekho
Bhimbetka kalakari dekho
Kattar prem pujari dekho
Aankhen meeche meeche dekho

Aankhen phaad phaad dekho
Satpura ki rani dekho
Bhopal rajdhani dekho
Raajdhani mein jheel dekho

Behta paani jhilmil dekho
Dharmon ki mehfil dekho
Hindustan ka dil dekho…
Ta thaiya taa…

(Come prepared
Madhya Pradesh
The heart of Incredible !ndia)

Speaking of bioscopes, there is a documentary on The Bioscopewallah by Prashant Kadam. I’ve heard a lot about the film but haven’t watched it yet.

Update: (June 28, 2007) The popularity of the aforementioned TVC has led to a print campaign which essentially showcases the ingredients of the TVC in a comic strip format (with a few additional places added):

[Click on images for a larger view]

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  • dwaipayan

    hmm..u seem to have a soft corner for MP

  • 20 box

    have you ever been to mandala district? 100 kilometers away from jabalpur. a very remote and beautiful place.

  • Soumyadip

    <>Dwaipayan<> I have good reasons to.<>20 Box<> No, never been there, but heard a lot about that. Now that you recommend it so highly, have to plan a trip there.

  • Puru

    Thanks for the post. I had been looking for this ad for some time. Incidentally, you haven’t mentioned the source. Is it the MP tourism’s website or self-recorded? Do let me know if possible – intend to link to your post on this.Nice blog, too. Enjoyed reading it..downloaded your calendar also, thinking there would be some nice graphics (not the bikini miniatures, but similar to ones I discovered at your blog) 🙂RegardsPuru

  • Soumyadip

    <>Puru<> I had recorded the video from TV. And will try to include some nice graphics in the calendar for 2008.

  • Tiger

    Jai Madhya Pradesh.. I am Aman from Jabalpur.. You have a very nice and well presented blog.. Keep it up.. :)..And yes.. about this Commercial.. It really makes us feel proud.. Hindustan ka dil dekhoooo….Regards..Aman..(www.tigersinindia.blogspot.com)

  • Rajesh

    Hi,Seen ur blog … its gr8.. but wish MP was as good as the advert… Tell me have you edited the video as i need the orginal one for a sales fun presentation…..

  • Soumyadip

    <>Rajesh<> If ads cannot paint a rosier picture than reality it is money ill spent.I didn’t edit the video for length, just added a logo and a little info.

  • Juhi

    Thank you for putting this up. My mother was looking for this song for a long time. i can make it her ringtone now. Thank you.