“All men are the same.” How many times have you, my fellow brethren heard this done-unto-death-but-always-rejuvenated banality? Can’t count or simply don’t care? And she’ll say – “Exactly!” Hey, give us a break, girls. We all are not the same, or you’d have not left us for our best friends. But you will counter – “Exactly! You can’t blame us; we wandered off unknowingly because we couldn’t tell the difference.” “And what about your lecherous advances towards our best friends?” Oh! That. Which one are you talking about? The one with thunder thighs or the one with awesome assets? “You men, you all are the same.” At least for once can’t you girls appreciate our great sense of humour? If not please don’t expect us to pretend to be listening to all of your ‘she said this and he’s going around with her’ blabber. It requires a lot of effort.

We can’t help if nature has made us testosterone rich. You can’t blame us if we are excessively appreciative of god’s exquisite creations, especially of the female kind. The essence of beauty after all lies in its appraisal. We appear to be self-centred, but it’s only a difference in perception. It’s you who say that your happiness lies in ours. We try to keep ourselves happy so that you can remain happy in return.

You whine because you are plain and green jealous. If we try we can be better cooks than you – aren’t almost all the best chefs of the male kind? We can maintain a clean and tidy pad – especially when our mothers are expected to visit. And we no longer need to stop and unwillingly ask for directions – Google Earth hain na!

I hope all you guys out there don’t feel the same as I do. Even if you do, please take a tip from the girls – fake it! Or we’ll only add substance to their argument.

All men aren’t the same. Karan Johar is male and I rest my case.

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