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Kohinoor Fiesta Colour Condoms – 1987″ title=”
Kohinoor Fiesta Colour Condoms – 1987″ id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5056868457431283218″ />

A November 1987 ad for Kohinoor Fiesta Colour Condoms (published in Debonair)

The copy reads:

Tonight don’t put the lights off

You can’t see the colours of passion in the dark

Kohinoor Fiesta Colour Condoms

Available in Red, Green, Blue, Violet & Black

A TTK product

They didn’t have Night Light glow in the dark condoms then.

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  • dwaipayan

    u r obsessed with rubber

  • Soumyadip

    <>Dwaipayan<> I’m not known as the ‘Rubber Man’ for nothing. Besides did you notice the new Rubbers of India image on the left panel?

  • dwaipayan

    yes. though i blog hope rarely these days, but i managed to catch it in a moment