The Hindustan Times November 18, 1978

The Hindustan Times November 18, 1978

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  • Prathibimba

    I think the newspapers looked much better back then without the sickening color ads on the front page!

  • San

    you keep old papers or just special ones?

    I’m glad they have most newspapers compact size here, especially Guardian. Makes it much more easier to read now.

  • Soumyadip

    Prathibimba Back then there was so much to read. Now there’s more to see and little to read. Now that I lament that.

    San Usually only the special ones. This one’s a little extra special. And I had manually dug this one out from the dusty HT archives.

    Indian newspapers have all followed suit.

  • educatedunemployed

    Hey aren’t you a scorpion too.. Was this paper printed on the day you were born?? I am curious as hell..The date says 18th Nov 1978…

    I’m excited anyway..It is a real paper right..I was all of 2 weeks that day..And it costed 35 paise.Ha ha and the paper talks of exams why am I not surprised..

    Ok I better stop before I sound completely delerious..

  • educatedunemployed

    In any case..Happy birthday..I know you get older some time now..:D

  • Soumyadip

    EducatedUnemployed (Comment 1) Yes, I think so. No you’re not delirious, just correct.

    (Comment 2) Thank you. Thank you. Of all the readers of this only you could comprehend this post.

  • educatedunemployed

    I was very giddy with excitement.I couldn’t stop wondering what it must have been like to actually hold a news paper that special* refer to your comment to San’s.

    Hence the delirium.And what can I say,it takes one scorpion to appreciate another* refer to your response to my second comment.

    I am still smiling.