Devoid of any worldly possessions, the least a man possesses is his own self.

In 1890 a Swedish gentlemen desperately in need of money signed a contract with the Caroline Institute in Stockholm (which also awards the Nobel Prize in medicine) stating that the doctors there can use his body for dissection purposes after his death. In return he got the money he needed. 20 years later the same gentleman inherited a large sum of money and decided that he didn’t want to get his body dissected. He tried to buy back the contract from the institute. The institute declined and the gentleman took them to the court.

He not only lost the case, but also had to pay damages to the institute for getting two of his teeth extracted without permission.

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  • Abaniko

    gracious goodness gracious me! i hope he didn’t have to pay the institute for zits he pricked without permission.

  • saurav

    hahaha….”two of his teeth extracted without permission”….. this is awesome…

  • Anonymous

    yes and faust had sold his soul to mephistophales. at times we try to sell our souls to the devil in return of riches for now.

  • K

    oh well…. kind of like ‘The sale is final and binding’ shit you read on a bill. Thanks for dropping by.

  • dwaipayan

    well a nice piece of info………my comments are now as short as ur mails. so if u need longer comments……u know what to do.