The worth of a friend like all other good things in life is best realised in their absence. I make few friends and retain even fewer. Time ticks, life moves and everything cannot remain constant. Everything can’t always be as you want them to be. Things have to change. People have to move on, with their lives, their dreams, their aspirations. You’d want them not too, but that would be too selfish. And friendship like love is about selflessness. Time and distance alter many a relationship, twisting them beyond recognition. But sometimes you hope that you’re able to hold on, a little bit longer…

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  • Abaniko

    as the cliche goes, “friends come and go.” you’ll be lucky to have longtime amigos. luckier if you have ones for the rest of your life.

  • dwaipayan

    don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. a farewell is necessary before you meet again. and meeting again, for after a moment or a lifetime, is sure for true friends

  • bing

    why does hellos mean goodbyes? such is the irony of life… but it’s better to have tasted the glory of friendship than not experience it at all…

  • Surbhi

    Relationships and friends are like a fistful of sand, the more you try to hold on the more it slips away from you. So just let your palm open and let it wither away with the breez. May be it might never wither away to stay close to you, but yes if you will hold it tight it will definitly slip. I will never whither.