Satyendra DubeyJust finished watching a documentary on (broadcast on NDTV 24X7) the man whose death familiarised the term ‘whistleblower’ to the Indian public. Today is the third anniversary of Satyendra Kumar Dubey’s death.

The documentary – Satyendra Jayate – was very Doordarshanish and reminded me of diploma/degree films which half-baked students at media schools usually put together. Clichéd and uninspiring, the credits mention some Little Doc Productions. They might have been short of funding, but that’s not an excuse. Creative innovation is possible on less than half a shoestring. Satyendra deserved better. The unrecognised Satyendras deserve better.

Watch the trailer (It’s a little better than the complete documentary).

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  • Bong Mom

    This is not really a comment for this post.
    I loved your Indian Ad Archives. It’s been a while since I have watched Indian Ads. But back in India I was more of an ad-addict than any soap addict.
    Miss Indian ads even now, ads here suck, I don’t know how with such poor ads this country manages to sell so much
    Maybe later you can put up some ad-movies on youtube

  • Soumyadip

    Sandeepa I do have a collection of ad films with me. Thanks for the tip. I might start a series soon.