Ask any random Hindi film music buff who his/her favourite playback singer is, and there is a strong possibility that most of the time you’ll hear one name over and over again like a yodel – Kishore Kumar (born Abhash Kumar Ganguly). There might have been many who were more gifted, but Kishoreda ruled the hearts (and still does). I like millions of others have a huge collection of Kishore songs, songs for every mood. And adding to my Kishore collection is this reader’s contribution to Vintage Indian Ads:

This 1955 Brylcreem ad featuring the inimitable Kishore Kumar has been sent by Kaustubh Pingle. It appeared in the pages of Filmfare. “This was the time when Kishore Kumar was gaining popularity and eventually becoming the most-wanted actor of the decade, having 12 silver jubilee and three golden jubilees – one of his movies running for continuously 30 months!” says Kaustubh.

It seems that my internetwallah read the last post. I’m now reconnected to the online world from the comfort of my home.

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