It’s been two weeks (14 days) that I’m without an internet connection at home. Feel like throttling my internetwallah. Ideally should’ve opted for a different provider by now, but am awaiting my pound of flesh as mine is a pre-paid connection and I had paid in advance for the month. Planning to get a month’s free internet as compensation for my woes.

Though it is not entirely their fault, they by default become the target of my ire. I tried to keep my cool for the first 10 days, but now am fast losing it. Hope that he restores it by tonight else the dreaded Delhi rage virus might just take over.

With increasing competition in the internet market, many players are trying hard to get a foothold in my locality, which has a sizeable amount of students and young professionals. As it happened during the early days of the cable TV boom, competitors resorted to sabotage to draw their rivals’ customers. The internetwallah is suggesting that I go for a wireless connection, so that his competitors’ blades cannot woo me away from him. But that entails additional cost at my end. Though it is not a big sum of money, I would first like my terrestrial network to be restored before I think of linking via the airwaves.

It is because of this that the blog is looking static. My laziness has no role to play here.

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