Vote for me!It might not be the Oscars, but is surely close to a blogadesh Filmfare (given the public polling and the little controversies). And the news is that Cutting the Chai is in the final nomination list (the vote me badge on the left panel is explicit enough). Thanks, Dwaipayan for letting me know.

Giving me company in the ‘Best Topical Indiblog’ category are quite a few familiar blogs which I frequent and that makes me feel overawed. Well there’s the typist Dilip D’Souza; the anonymous (not exactly) K; the crusade against the eve-teasing menace Blank Noise Project; the Bombay Addict (who sways between Mumbai and the older name and puts up a question on the URL only to answer it in the title); TA Abinandanan who is researching on ‘computational modelling of microstructural evolution during phase transformations, grain growth, sintering and high temperature deformation’ (not that I could make much of that); Anant Rangaswami, who got me thinking of pigs with wings and multi-religious cigarettes; Rashmi Bansal always preferring her curry without Eye Eye Pee Em adulterants; and, ahem! eM.

While going through the list, I found that an overwhelming number of nominees blog on Blogspot, a very few from the WordPress domain and a respectable number own personal domains. The much touted (but massively unsuccessful) desi blogging platforms are nowhere.

There were more than 700 nominations, the jury then came up with a shortlist of 175 for the public to decide. I haven’t voted yet, but will before February 20, 2007, the last day of the polls.

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