Looking Out of the Workplace
Tired of being a small cog in a large wheel, I’m moving on to be medium cog in a smaller wheel. For the last three new years all that I changed in my life was the calendar on the wall, but this year finally (to all my friends’ great relief) I’m switching jobs.

“…you will be relieved with the close of working hours of 11-Feb-06,” says the relieving note. That gives me a few days of unemployment – an opportunity to recollect my initial few days of struggle in an unknown city. What days those were. Though not exactly a rags-to-riches story of a Bombay struggler, ours does come close (minus the sleeping on the footpath part).

Weeks of uncertainty, knowing not what to do, where to go. No bank account where money could be transferred from home, no fixed address for the money order to reach. I almost forgot about an interview which I had appeared for during my last visit to the capital. At the insistence of my dear friend, I called up the office to discover that my days of unemployment were numbered. Then inertia got better of me and I amused myself with skipping stones on the water rather than taking a dip into it. A few days past the ides of February, I’ll be taking a fresh plunge.

A struggler day entry in my diary (nowadays I only blog) reads, “Some days you are the dog, on others the lamppost. Today I was the lamppost…” Tomorrow too wouldn’t be much different. The lamppost remains, the dogs change.

Taking a New Turn

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  • Abaniko

    Hey, congrats! Whether you’re a small or a medium-sized cog in whatever wheel, everything’s gonna be fine so long as you’re happy spinning. All the best!

  • Venkat Ramanan

    Hey Soumya!Good Luck for you new job!Expecting to read more in your blog!!Cheers,Venkat

  • dwaipayan

    good luck for ur new job, but what is it????and this pic is really a good one

  • Anonymous

    hey bud, both the anonymous are diff peeps, ok? i m the first one, n i happened to like the photos. its the other girl who thinks its senseless( yes we r both girls.) bt she’s totally out of it. the pics rock. i never knew u were a great phtographer as well.

  • AquaM

    hey soumyai left comments on ur prevous post (INteresting observations)Have a rocking good time at your new place! Life is either a great big adventure or nothing at all.:)All the very best for everything.

  • educatedunemployed

    Congratulations and Good Luck.

  • Hiren

    You can neither be the dog nor the lampost if you don’t correctly know what you are good at early in life.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Soumyadip!Congrats and Best of luck!!-Daksh‘I can not work for an organisation that can have me as its employee’ – Groucho Marx.

  • asabnis

    nice pic! cogs make the world go round – be the cog or be the wheel – your call 🙂

  • Shivangi Misra

    Good for you! Hope you have fun at this new place… All the very best.

  • Soumyadip

    Thanks, one and all.

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    All the best, Soumyadip!

  • thalassa_mikra

    I’ll add my bit as well. Congratulations!

  • Pallavi

    All the best.. and I have switched jobs too 🙂

  • lettitbe

    So what is your new job about?

  • Soumyadip

    Lettitbe a.k.a. Shivam Vij The usual stuff running around, taking quotes and coming back and misquoting them. Rectifying my and others mistakes (real and assumed) and some proof reading too. And I almost forgot, clicking a few photographs too.