LogoThe early 1990s, I was still in school and we didn’t have a cable connection at home. But I managed to ‘boost’ the antenna to catch stray cable TV signals.

The result was grainy, but good enough for me. And it was there, on a black and white TV screen, that I first met the legendary Quick Gun Murugun.

Dr Rajendra PrasadNow over a decade later the vegetarian cowboy is finally all set to shoot his mouth off on Indian silver screens.

And the man bringing the superhero with guntastic powers back is none else than the man who first introduced the character to us, Shashanka Ghosh. He was the then creative head of Channel [V].

The film is apparantly being released in four languages; English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Quick Gun Murugun is releasing on August 28, 2009. I’ll book my tickets in advance.

The trailers of the Misadventures of an Indian Cowboy promise fun and Shahrukh Khan’s take on Quick Gun Murugun in Om Shanti Om, would have familarised filmgoers who weren’t exposed to the phenomenon.

I’ve put together a consolidated version of the Quick Gun Murugun trailers floating around.

And I’ve created a playlist a few Channel [V] Quick Gun promos here.

Shashanka’s debut as a director was the sequel without a prequel (actually with an embedded prequel and sequel. Three films in one!) Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II. One of my all-time favourite songs, Allah Ke Bande, is from that film.

Mind itThe synopsis of the film on its official website reads (Mind it! All links there open in new windows):

Quick Gun Murugun is an unlikely Superhero with Gungastic powers. He is a sincere South Indian Cowboy who considers it his duty to serve and protect. The movie revolves around the mis-adventures of Quick Gun Murugun and his fight with his arch villain Rice Plate Reddy!

Quick Gun enters into an epic battle that spans time and space. From a small South Indian village to Swarglok and then finally to the cosmopolitan Mumbai. He is torn between Mango Dolly who loves him secretly and his first love Locket Girl and his loyalty is put to the test.

And the producers have also commissioned a few comic book posters:

Quick Gun Murugun Comics Quick Gun Murugun Comics
[Click for larger images]

The star cast includes, Dr Rajendra Prasad (Quick Gun Murugan), Nasser (Rice Plate Reddy), Rambha (Mango Dolly), Anu Menon (Locket Lover), Sandhya Mridul (Masala News Reporter), Vinay Phatak (Mr Chitragupt), Ranvir Shorey (Sansani Reporter)and Raju Sundaram (Rowdy MBA).

People who have already watched it at film festivals have good things to say about the film. Hope I too get added to the film’s fan list. And you too. I say!

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