Blogger went beta and I followed. But discovered that my present template was incompatible with the new language that the beta templates have switched to. I had put in a lot of sleepless nights (the number enhanced by my relative ignorance of the nuances of HTML, JavaScript and the like) and finally arrived at my current layout through a tedious hit and trail way. Will soon attempt to make this blog fully Blogger beta enabled. And with bloggers like Ramani around, things would definitely be easier this time.

The sixth Isspecial Cutting Chai (September 2006) is offered to Ramani of Hackosphere, for his clever and easy to incorporate innovations for Blogger beta. If you are on Blogger beta and looking for blog enhancements, Hackosphere is one happening place (even if you aren’t, there is something for you too). And as the name the suggests, the hacks are plentiful and increasing by the day. Have a sip Ramani.

Ramani - Hackosphere

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