Window to the World

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  • AquaM

    can u catch a moment that is a Window to your Soul?

  • fingers

    I like this one

  • shivam

    fabulous photo. a good window phot is really difficult, and this one works because it make the window seem like a malleable fixture on the wall that could be removed like a wall-hanging. So much, just by shifting the frame here and there! Brilliant!

  • Pallavi

    Nice… WHOAH.. I visit this blog after a while and it says totally a different thing… like it.. how have you been ?

  • Soumyadip

    <>Aquamarine<> I’m the worldly types, soulfulness is beyond me.<>Fingers<> Me too.<>Shivam<> The window as a wall fixture – I never thought that it could be seen that way too.<>Pallavi<> Welcome back. Got to move with the times.