A House for a SparrowShe came into my life, actually my toilet, and gave me company every time I went inside to answer nature’s call. This house sparrow made herself comfortable in a wall cavity meant for an electrical appliance. Every night she was there, with her eyes shut and feathers fluffed up, until one of us had to use the loo and turned on the lights. She looked disturbed, but didn’t seem to mind much and stayed perched on the protruding electrical wires. Nevertheless, we made it a point to convey our apologies to her.

One night, a few nights ago, I got this ‘bright’ idea about blogging about our resident sparrow. Obviously, there had to be photographic evidence to support my story. I took my camera inside for a few snapshots. Paparazzi wary that she was, fluttered away after only a few clicks. Never to return again to the hole in my toilet wall.

PS I have no idea whether the sparrow was a he or she. Any ornithologists out there?

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