Anti-reservation Rally

The Prime Minister thinks, “the matter is already settled.” And he is “pained to see the agonising experience the youth of the country are undergoing.” “They should call off their strike and I assure that the government will find a viable and credible way to protect the interest of all sections of the society,” he says. Who is he trying to fool? Even he knows for sure (but can’t speak his mind out) that this present system of quota based positive discrimination sucks. It does much less then the intended good for the beneficiaries and restricts others from making use of the unutilised capacities. End result – country in the dumps.

Instead of trying to rectify a malfunctioning system, what they plan is to “increase seats.” How stupid. It’s so easy for the political class to make announcements. Because they know, they don’t have to live up to them, as most of the time they haven’t. The HRD Minister says, “If they (reservations) are not working, it does not mean that for that reason we don’t need them.” Do I need to say anything more?

The Finance Minister must probe a little further. The record Sensex crash might just be because of the myopic proposal.

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