Reached here late last night. Just took some time out from the mandatory meetings with friends and relatives to post something. But the grey cells become dormant in the environment of a cyber café. Will try to recollect my thoughts and feelings at leisure and post here later.

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  • thalassa_mikra

    You have a camera now, take lots of pictures! You are so lucky.

  • thalassa_mikra

    And your CP picture reminded me of all the Sundays I spent wandering around the place, when there were hardly any cars or people around.

  • Rita

    Looking forward to your post!!Enjoy 😀

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    I agree with thalassa_mikra, take loads of pictures!!! I’m so excited about the pictures even though I’m no where near Shilliong. But it’s true the sterile environment of a cyber cafe is not condusive for any kind of thought.

  • pallavi

    yeah cannot write much in a cafe.. 🙂 I tried that in Darj… but i could because it was morning and a very relaxing atmosphere.. it must be cold there… ummm… I so envy you… SIGH..Seems Police Bazaar has become a hep place now…

  • AquaM

    sometimes, it is just good to get wasted….enjoy ur stay! n yup post truckloads of pics…🙂AquaM

  • Soumyadip

    I promise those photographs. But whenever I go out to shoot something it’s overcast and the pictures don’t come out good. But I have already shot a few hundred of them. Will sort them out and post them as soon as I’m back in Delhi. Neither the cyber cafes nor my friend’s PC has a decent photo editor. So there will be a little waiting period.

  • Soumyadip

    <>Pallavi,<> yes its chilly out here. When the sun’s out it’s fine. But that’s that’s an exception rather than the rule.

  • dwaipayan

    so u r back in shillong. i just wish i’d be there too. i really miss the chilly weather and ur mom’s cooking……..ummmmmmmmmmmmm