Just the kind of the beginning of the day you never want. Through with the morning habit of brushing the teeth and the early morning cup of tea on the Guwahati-Delhi Rajdhani Express – nature calls. After pushing numerous bolted toilet doors, I was relieved to finally find one unbolted one. Only to discover that some uncle or aunt (couldn’t decipher the sex in the split second) hadn’t bothered to properly bolt the door, while on their early morning downloading.

This invariably happens to me once in every train journey that I undertake (Seen a lot of bare bottoms). I on my part always take that extra caution in keeping the doors secured before going down to do my job.

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  • aklanta

    hu ha ha ha ha…gr8 come back…

  • dwaipayan

    well,finally u r back!!! i agree with ur experience. and there’s even worst!! what about finding a unbolted door and seeing it’s not been flushed!!!!!!!!!!that’s also very common.

  • Abaniko

    Whether the door’s locked or not, I always knock first to be sure. It’s good to have you back, Soumyadip. Warm welcome!

  • anthony

    Yaar Subah Subah… hahahaha, thats is something that happens to me quite often too… In the hurry to answer the call, one tend to forget that we could knock.. hahaha

  • Soumya

    thats why in train journey i wake up much earlier than fellow passengers…

  • dwaipayan

    hello!!!!!!!won’t u post again???????

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    Haahahhhaa! Shotti? I am happy I have never been in your place! Welcome back! Hope you had a refreshing holiday!

  • AquaM

    wow..a truly delighful sight…prompted u to blog it!🙂AquaM

  • Venkat Ramanan

    Hello friend,Read your humourous post :)) Good writing.. yes, that happens a lot in a train journey, especially in an Indian railway run tran I guess :)). Do we have to take it in a lighter vain, laugh it out or do we have to think behind it, if there is anything wrong in our psyche per se?Cheers,Venkat