Stephen Robert IrwinHad taken a few days off from work and was lazing around at home. It was in the afternoon that a mail from Aquamarine made me aware of this.

We all loved him and many aspired to be like him. All the creepy crawly things that we all shy away from were his passion and he brought them before us with a smile on his face and unquavering dedication. It was the during the shooting of one of his pet endeavours, to bring to us face to face with the deadliest in the animal kingdom (he was shooting for Ocean’s Deadliest) within the safe environs of our living rooms, that he met his fate in a stingray – whose attacks are believed to be rarely fatal. But Steve Irwin was a rare sort of guy. Salutes Steve. You gave us Indians an alternative denotation of khaki shorts.

Stephen Robert Irwin
Born: February 22, 1962
Died: September 4, 2006
The crocs will miss you. So shall we.

Photo courtesy: Richard Giles

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