I had earlier posted about T-Series’ potential of putting the music pirates out of business and now Moserbaer is doing the same to the video variety (the first time I heard the name, Moserbaer, I thought it was German). The news had been around for long, but I saw the ad only yesterday.

Moserbaer ad
[Click on image for a detailed view]

A DVD for Rs 34! That would definitely be a cause of worry of the Pirates of Palika, who peddle their stuff for Rs 75-Rs 150. A VCD’s for a mere Rs 28. My neighbourhood DVD rental charges Rs 30 for a day. Looks like he’ll have to think of competitive pricing soon.

For now Moserbaer’s collection is nothing to boast of, but I believe that they’ll augment the stock soon.

A Moserbaer press release announcing the launch can be accessed here [PDF]

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