Why is it that we celebrate anniversaries? Just because the Earth completed yet another revolution around its mother star and since we are always looking for excuses to celebrate, let this be another. Right and there’s nothing wrong with it. Because life is to celebrate and be happy (and also make others happy). Here’s my reason for celebration, this blog that you’re reading, earlier known by a newbie-blogger type of name, Mindless Musings of an Unmindful Mind, and later metamorphosed into the existing pretentious avatar – Cutting the Chai.

Well things have been good, though the comments have drastically dropped (maybe as a result of reciprocity at my end or the ever deteriorating quality of content) and Adsense doesn’t make much monetary sense. More people from more parts of the world drop in leaving their footprints behind on my stat trackers, even spammers find this blog attractive. Yesterday someone posted an 8,861-word long seemingly meaningless comment and ended with a threat that there was another 100,000 character comment coming my way. Therefore the word verification in the comments page. Though it doesn’t always help, some deterrent is better than none.

What have I achieved in two years of occasional (and occasionally intensive) blogging? I had written about it in a post titled ‘Why am I doing this?‘ The answer to the why fits into one line, “It feels good.” And then that feel-good factor can be elaborated upon in hundreds of lines more. When someone says that they started blogging seeing me doing that, it feels good. When some researcher from another corner of the planet emails to express gratitude towards the blog for taking their thesis forward, it feels better. When a deadline-stressed mass communication student writes to seek help for their advertising assignment, I feel like David Ogilvy. But then there are many more who use the critical pin to take out all the hot air inside my head, it feels the best.

Pity the anniversary falls on a work day, or it could’ve been cutting chai laced with vodka. Never tried it, but am planning to. Though coffee with a teaspoon of brandy is wonderful during the winters.

And a Cutting Chai tip for those who came in late (it was passed on to me by my ever-so-knowingly elder brother). To prevent the beer from a bottle from fizzing out, gently tickle the bottom of the bottle (the punt) while taking off the crown. I don’t know the logic behind this, but it works (many others will vouch). Though don’t try this to pacify anything animate. You might land with multiple fractures on your arm as a friend of mine deservedly did.

By the way, shouldn’t Cutting the Chai be about tea? Maybe I’ve subconsciously expanded the definition of the chai to incorporate all beverages. No foreseen harm in that, unless prohibition strikes. But given the influence liquor barons exercise over men who matter in the government that seems very unlikely. Continue enjoying Cutting the Peg …oops Chai.

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