Since it has been quite some time since I filed a post under Sexy Indian Ads and that Kareena is presently keeping the grapevine abuzz, I thought that it might just be timely to post a sexy Kareena ad.

Lux 75 Years of Stardom
Indulge your skin with New Lux Chocolate Seduction Soap.
Rich with real cocoa cream and strawberry vitamins.
It nourishes your skin and leaves it looking deliciously gorgeous.
Chocolate Seduction is a special offering from Lux,
a part of our Celebration Range to mark 75 years of stardom.

Lux Chocolate Seduction

And many like me agree that she looked the best in Refugee (I liked her in Asoka too) and I hated whatever she was in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, I also hated the movie. I still remember the K3G for two things, as both the occupants of the seats besides me in the theatre (a male classmate and a friend’s sister) were sobbing through parts of the movie and that about eight of us crammed into an autorickshaw to return home after the show (I’m just trying to keep my mind occupied elsewhere, chocolate tempts me).

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