There has been a lot of excitement around Google Chrome (this is the third Chrome related post on this blog). I’ve been using it since yesterday, but it still has a long way to go before it can displace Firefox as my default browser.

Last night at it just hanged and I had to manually end the process and today I got my first Google Chrome crash message.

Google Chrome has crashed
Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?

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  • Toonfactory

    I think it will take sometime, but will be better thn the browsers we use today (Google has that tendency)…BTW check my blog for our short film..would like to have ur feedback Soumyadip 🙂

  • Indianblogger

    Oops, users are hard critics. We are all using it here in Google, and we find it really fast. Is Chrome still groping or is back on its feet?

  • Luke

    I got my first crash message, but come on, that is the first time google chrome has crashed for me in 2 weeks, IE did it multiple times a day. I had to rename google chrome to internet explorer and change the icon to the blue “e” to break my habit.

  • W.J Martin

    Having used Chrome for a couple of weeks without any problems I got this message on Friday. Since then I’ve been unable to use Chrome as it crashes with the same error message after about 30 seconds.Having searched high and low for a solution I found this one late last night and (fingers crossed) it seems to have solved the problem… luckB.A