This blog first saw a spurt in its pageviews in July-August 2006 thanks to a post titled Rubbers of India, something that has now developed into a complete section.

And when we talk of rubbers of India, the first brand that comes to mind is Nirodh.

It was the revelation of the underlying meaning of the classic “Pyar hua iqrar hua, pyar se phir kyon darta hain dil (Love happened, acceptance happened. Why does the heart then fear love?),” with the addition “Deluxe Nirodh aath aane mein teen (Deluxe Nirodh/condoms three for 50 paise),” that I became aware of the existence of the rubber sheath. The ad has the greatest recall value amongst all contraceptive advertisements in India. We kids loved it and put a price on our classmates, 50p for 3 – cheap. But one condom cost soft drink major Pepsi dear – Rs 1,23,000 to be precise.

A Deluxe Nirodh ad that I found in a June 1992 issue of Filmfare (it was then Rs 1.50 for five).

Deluxe Nirodh Print Ad
Deluxe Nirodh
Now available in pink
Rs 1.50 for five
The right condom for spacing your family

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