An ad for a lesser-known Bullet – Enfield 200 – The Mini Bullet.

While I am not a motorcycle enthusiast, I am somewhat familiar with the makes and names of the popular bikes around (past and present). I guess that the name Enfield 200 didn’t appear familiar to me because the bike wasn’t that popular in my neck of the woods.

On chancing upon the ad, I googled it, and my search yielded only a few relevant results. In fact, the Enfield 200 doesn’t even find a mention in the history of Royal Enfield. So in case, you are like me, and didn’t know much of the bike, here’s an advertisement for it from 1982.

The Mini Bullet
The Mini Bullet
With the longest guarantee: 12 months or 12,000 kilometres!
The Enfield 200 gives terrific pick-up without sacrificing economy (42 kms per litre!). And its rugged construction carries you smoothly even on rough surfaces. Over 25,000 are already on the roads. When will you be riding the Mini Bullet?
Enfield 200