Their tag line says “The best thing to happen to men since women.”

Well, tag lines can claim anything.

But if you are interested in babes, sex, gadgets, babes, beer, laughs, babes, cars, fashion, babes and a few more babes, then you might be interested in the magazine.

There’s more to see than read in there, therefore it doesn’t take much time to reach from the front to the back cover.

And there’s also a digital version in a CD for the guys (and gals) with pulpuslaceratapohobia.

For me the ads also matter and Maxim (the desi edition) has a few of them that fit into the ‘Sexy Indian Ads‘ category of this blog.

Here they are, in print and as moving images (including the one above):

[This ad actually reminds me of an 1996 or 1997 issue of an Indian men’s magazine (there were quite a few back then therefore am getting confused with the name) featuring photos of a girl in a cricket kit (and nothing much else on).]

How to bowl a maiden over. And everything else on a man’s mind.

We know men care about their girls and tools.
Only tools don’t make for great cover pictures.

Caution it may melt your mouse.
First time in India.
World’s largest selling men’s magazine.
Now on a CD.

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Original image slideshow

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