“Memories of dark-haired beauties,” is what a traveller to India will bring back, promises a 1970 advertisement for Air India. “Long after you leave India, India will still be with you,” says the tag line. And that dark-haired beauty modelling for the ad is none other than Zeenat Aman (I did an image overlay check to authenticate if it indeed is Zeenat and am 95%100% assured. Let me know if this is someone else. It has happened to me before). Before venturing into movies and hitting it big with the landmark Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), Babushka also did a little stint as a model, she was a beauty queen after all – Miss Asia-Pacific 1970.

Zeenat Aman in a 1970 Air-India advertisement

Long after you leave India, India will still be with you.

For $793 Air-India will give you a 17-day vacation in India.

We’ll take you to a world where palaces speak of ages past, even while the cities talk of today. We’ll fly you around inside India, giving you room, private bath and meals. And we’ll bring you home with a headful of memories: of dark-haired beauties, exotic shops and even more exotic countryside.

(We can also give you the lowest-priced India ever. Just $600 for two weeks in Delhi, your air-conditioned hotel, most meals, the Taj Mahal and the jet round-trip.)

Off you go to your travel agent.

Air-India has something money can’t buy.

Early ads featuring Zeenat Aman are treasured by Zeenat fans, as so few have been collected and chronicled. Vinayak at At the Egde has a 1972 Babushka ad for Taj Mahal Tea