Initially thought that it would have made for a good post on All Fools’ Day, but then realised that such tricks are no longer a novelty.

Admit it.
You’ve always been crazy about topless models.
Mahindra Classic
The call of the wild

Mahindra & Mahindra’s jeeps are very popular in the hills that I grew up in (alongwith Willys) and also in Bhopal where I studied for a while. They also used to be the staple mode of transport for police around the country before the Maruti Gypsy and other subsequent models came in.

The M&M Classic was launched in 1996 and still (it been quite a few years since M&M took off the model from Indian showrooms) has a considerable fan following. It is one of those cult vehicles. Needless to say, I also wanted to own one.