Four days – that must be the maximum in years that I’ve been away from the internet (well, not actually… I did check a few sites in between on my cell phone… but that doesn’t exactly count. Does it?).

I would have liked to keep the judai (separation) for a while longer, but my boss didn’t let it be. Had to log on to send some ‘important’ emails. And when you are online you just cannnot resist the temptation to check the updates on GMail, Blogger, Twitter, feed reader, LinkedIn, Facebook, Orkut and so many more. I couldn’t resist posting a post.

The reason is that I’m away on a vacation, a few marriages to attend and a little booze to drink.

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Silchar in South Assam for four more days – so more four days away from the net (I’ll be Twittering though). I’m not getting any withdrawal symptoms. Yet.

By the way, the smoking ban doesn’t seem to have any effect on the bars in Shillong. Actually the waiter was surprised that we asked him the question.

And kids here too are playing terrorist-NSG games. Disturbing.

Planning to go to an interesting museum today. Will post if I find anything interesting.

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