Tubaah.comMany years ago when I first started this blog, I wanted to put some videos here and it was a pain. Then a friend told me about this website called YouTube – and I uploaded my first video there [Reference post]. But I didn’t have the patience to wait for my videos to be online (it took a while on YouTube then). I tried and tested many alternatives, finally settling down with Blip.tv.

Today the online world is a lot different, YouTube is no longer a startup and there are zillions of clones out there. Video is big on the net and is getting bigger and better.

Yesterday, NDTV Convergence launched Tubaah.com (I like the name) and it isn’t another YouTube clone. To begin with there are 50,000 (and growing) of NDTV videos out there. Though it is difficult to arrive at a consensus, NDTV is India’s most credible news source.

The site is still in beta and you should expect many new features being added as the product develops and stabilises. Currently, isn’t any provision for user-generated content. So don’t expect the world now, it will be delivered in a while.

Sanjay Trehan, CEO NDTV Convergence Ltd, envisions Tubaah as “India’s largest video marketplace”.

This is what the website says:

The finest collection of videos, from the NDTV network, to begin with. Now in one place for you.

DISCOVER more than 50,000 news clips, programmes and shows.

CREATE your personal tube of favourite videos and share them.

FOLLOW your friends to watch what they are watching.

My tube on Tubaah. Create yours.

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