NetbookMany readers would be aware of this, but evidently many others aren’t. Therefore this post.

If you use your netbook/ultra-portable laptop only for surfing the internet and/or other less resource intensive functions and don’t multi-task then you could give this a miss.

But if you, like me, try to extract the maximum of of the little thing (bachche ki jaan nahin le raha hoon), you might have experienced that the little machine often acts sluggish (expecially if you are using one with Windows XP or worse Vista) while running multiple applications simultaneously.

Not to worry, this 6-step (depending on your view settings) process might make things a little smoother. This is for netbookers who prefer performance over appearance.

Instructions for Windows XP only (don’t have access to a Vista machine. All friends and colleagues have gone back to XP. But it should be similar)

If you are on Category view
1. Click on the Start menu button
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on the Performance and Maintainence link
4. Click on the Adjust visual effects link (under Pick a task)
5. Choose the Adjust for best performance radio button
6. Press OK

If you are on the Classic View
1. Click on the Start menu button
2. Click on the Control Panel on the menu
3. Click/double click on System
4. Click on the Advanced tab
5. Click on the Setting button under Performance
6. Choose the Adjust for best performance radio button
7. Press OK

What Windows does is that it compromises on the resources utilised to give you the looks and you back to what many of us refer to as the Windows 98 appearance, and therefore delivers a better performance with more juice left for the applications to swim in.

I have done it even for my relatively more powerful desktops (both at home and at work). And life with Windows is a little better.

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