In a bid to retain its mammoth share of the internet browser market, Microsoft is trying to better its offering, now that more and more people are getting aware of the other better options out there. And they have also released a set of new fun ads for Internet Explorer 8 in India. It shouldn’t matter that, for me, Firefox is still more fun.

I’ve found four such ads and each highlights one prominent feature of the browser.

Automatic crash recovery

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This one is a parody of the much drooled after ad for Hardee’s Western Bacon Thickburger where Padma Lakshmi lustily savours a burger.


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A take on the MTV India Roadies auditions and the kinky selection process. They call it the Coadies. On a slightly different track, the MTV show is supposed to be about roads and bike riding – hence the name – but half of the participants can’t even ride a bike. It isn’t that Indian girls don’t ride bikes, a lot do, but I think that such girls don’t care much about such shows and their gas-filled producers.


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Every guy’s ultimate fantasy (girls’ too), to go invisible. Some call it the porn mode. And this is what I believe that this TVC is not-so-subtly hinting at. Guy’s water runs out, he goes into the girls hostel, invisible, to fulfill his needs – brushing, shaving, bathing and of course ogling.

Web Slices

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I found this the least fun and hence keep it for the last.