When I first saw this ad for Caravan Air-Conditioned Cigarettes, the first thought that came to my mind was “WTF is an air-conditioned cigarette?” Guessed it could be some menthol cigarette (if Emami’s Navratna Cool Talc can call itself the world’s smallest AC, why can’t a brand of minty cigarettes?).

A closer read revealed it wasn’t. The cigarettes didn’t give a cool feel when your lungs sucked in the nicotine-filled smoke. The only thing air-conditioned about them was that they were manufactured in AC conditions. Back in 1942, the advertisers believed it to be an USP.

Caravan Air-Conditioned Cigarettes

बिक्री बढ़ रही है
अपने गुणों पर ही इसकी बिक्री हो रही है

एयर-कन्डीशन्ड गोदामों में चतुर कारीगरों द्वारा तम्बाकू मिलाई जाती है और कैरेवैन सिगरेट एयर-कन्डीशन्ड कारखानों में बनती हैं. ये अपने गुणों के कारण ही श्रेष्ठ मानी जाती हैं, क्योंकि एयर-कन्डीशन्ड होने के कारण तम्बाकू में धुल और दुसरे हानिकर परमाणु रहने की सम्भावना नष्ट हो जाती है.

प्लेन या कौर्क टिप मिलते है
२ १/२ आने की १० सिगरेट
१२ आने की ५० सिगरेट
कैरेवैन एयर-कन्डीशन्ड सिगरेट

नेशनल टोबैको कंपनी औफ़ इण्डिया लिमिटेड

This ad in Hindi roughly translates to:

“The sales are rising
It’s being sold due to its own qualities

Clever workers mix the tobacco in air-conditioned godowns and Caravan Cigarettes are manufactured in air-conditioned factories. Because of its qualities it is believed to be the best and it being air-conditioned there are no chances dust and other harmful particles being present.

Available in plain and cork tips

2 1/2 aanas for 10 cigarettes
12 aanas for 50 cigarettes

Caravan Air-Conditioned Cigarettes
National Tobacco Company of India Limited”

The National Tobacco Company of India Limited was merged with Duncans Industries in 1977.