Lisa Ray
Image courtesy: Lisa ray

Lisa Ray, one of the prettiest faces around, was a teenage crush (I had a number of them). Easily the hottest import from Canada to land on Indian shores, the desert damsel from Afreen Afreen (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Javed Akhtar) fluttered many a heart (including mine).

Those emerald eyes are still mesmerising. And she’s also a brave girl, an inspiration in the battle against cancer.

The last Lisa Ray ad on this blog was of her in Bombay Dyeing’s Vivaldi shirts for men, this time around, wrapped around her is something men often want to see women in, towels.

Don’t know why, but every time I think of towels the towel song from that dud of a film Eena Meena Deka (1994) springs up to my mind. Bollywood needs to come up with a new towel song.

This advertisement for Bombay Dyeing towels, sheets and fabrics is from 1992. Lisa would’ve been all of 20 back then.

Lisa Ray in Bombay Dyeing ad
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A rich luxurious pile. Soft and super-absorbent in bright vibrant colours.
Pure cotton and polyester blends. Prints charming... in myriad colours.
Established 1879